Friday, August 8, 2008

Effective Disaster Relief Strategies

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Tony Sferlazza is a field director working with the graqssroots relief organization, Plenty International. Plenty is a not-for-profit alternative relief and development organization founded in Tennessee in 1974.

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Tony said...

The look in Mr Washington's eyes tells the story of our response to helping our fellow man. Thanks for sharing this with the world. The red cross bucket in the picture was the only thing we seen of them. They charge two million dollars in please and thank you for Katrina donations. great edit. Tony Sferlazza

LiveWorkDream said...

Best yet. Compelling and awesome work guys, thanks.

We feel so honored to have met someone as giving and compassionate as Tony, when we were back at the Bioliberty compound. We will do our best to follow his lead.

-Jim & Rene