Saturday, December 20, 2008

Drawing Military Lines in the Lower 9th Ward

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A tour of Jackson Barracks in New Orleans with Gordon Soderberg and an invitation to all military veterans to continue serving your country when you return from war.


Cheryl said...

for ur site, here, mobilening, utube, says not there, _as going to post on C2nn some of ur stuff gets to front page goes to 3,000 plus more people - computer problems, keyboard not _orking right, tried utube as _ell, nadda

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Oops! That page doesn’t exist.

Cheryl said...

found on his ning site, the other says doesn't exist, same ith the utube video links, etc. on on mobilebroadcast, his link,


Anonymous said...

thanks Cheryl.

the other one will work again, it's just server thang.

LiveWorkDream said...

Right ON Gordon, we are so happy you found your calling and are making an impact. Keep it up.