Saturday, February 21, 2009

along the border

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keep in mind as you watch this that it is filmed ENTIRELY within the U.S.. we NEVER crossed an international border.

it is a sad state of affairs that we are not allowed free passage within the united states. there are checkpoints in every state as you cross the country that daily violate our constitutional rights with random searches. along the border the department of homeland security has taken to spying on citizens, and downright harassment of populations of color by the border patrol.

the border is a conundrum. division suppresses us all. but if we erase borders and rise up and demand a living wage, are we creating a global government that represents nobody. would it be worse? i mean, we humans are an ugly lot, and prove me wrong, but it seems there will always be those who would subjugate others to their will. no matter how sadistic. in fact the worst of the worst will always scratch their way to the top. isn't that anarchy? really?

we are already there.

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shanebugbee said...

the state of humanity is sad indeed.
I personally feel it's the people and not the government that is the bigger problem.

I wonder where our sense of humanity has gone?

As far as anarchy, I don't see the strong survive as being a bad thing or something only bad individuals would aspire to... why can't decent folks stand strong and fight the assholes of their respective communities?

I see anarchy as a way to push back.

The other night some meth heads tried to break into our RV.

I felt that in an anarchy situation those dolts
A. would have never entered my area for fear of what could have happened.
b. would in fact enter the area where I could feel free to defend myself without being picked on by the powers to be.

cool video, really hope to see you guys this year - would love to work on more stuffs with youz soon - xo/shane