Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Soldier: South Central Region

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Feb. 28, 2009 in Austin Texas the Iraq veterans Against the War held the Winter Soldier for the South Central Region. In this clip you get to hear about the war crimes that are committed in YOUR name. So check it out.

You know, as long as there is some asshole that will go enlist to kill people, there will be war. I used to think that, like darwin, these folks would eventually kill each other off, and the world would be a more peaceful place. Now with Barack-the- war-monger in office wanting to expand our military by 17,000 troops in Afghanastan, my theory may be tested. Enlisting is up with the current economic downturn, but really people, wouldn't you and your family be more secure if you learned to garden and grow your own food. Keep the shotgun in the closet for defending your country, and your veggies as the food crisis becomes more apparent.

If the economic squeeze is not enough to produce the desired 17,000 warm bodies to the military, maybe the Rahm style "years of service" will become the draft. I mean, we've already sent the national gaurd. who next? Mail Men?

Anyway, anybody who thinks this new administration is anything but worse than the last as far as our economy, the draft, our overxtended military, etc., I challenge YOU to make your case here in the comments.

Who knows, you might change someones mind...

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