Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Captain Grant - a clown in cowboy clothing.

Captain Grant Mitchell is an odd fellow to say the least. We could start with the Captain title and it's origins or the fact that we were told a young student that worked for him was, in another life, his soul mate... but, for now, we'll just stick to the fact that Amy worked some 90 hrs in 10 days and was robbed of overtime or the fact that I was paid for 20 hrs of work, even though I put in 40 hrs. An odd fellow indeed - he reminds me of the type of guy who dresses as a clown for kids parties. Regardless, after loosing his own ranch, belittling and blaming his ultra young wife for it and living in his truck because of it, he now shovels shit for an awesome and worth the price ranch. If you do stay, please ask how this "draft dogging" patriot got the Captain Grant name and keep an eye on the kids... them there mountains are FULL of predators. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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