Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC arrests: parking lot incident 9.1.08

This is 5 minutes of raw footage from my camera leading up to my arrest on September 1st in St. Paul. Note that I attempt to obey every command given to me by an officer yet I was charged with resisting arrest.


Dan Fenwick said...

Well that sholud be able to be overturned just like the thousands of "arrests" made at the RNC2004 here in NYC. Glad you're out.

Roxanne said...

That's very frightening.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for being there.

skinnychef said...

hey kombat rock!
you are so great! thanks for posting this!
it is so important that we document the senseless brutality these pigs have unleashed on law abiding peace activists. we have the right to march and voice our grievences. these fuckers will take that right if allowed to.
great camera work in a shitty situation!

bcr said...

it amazes me what REALLY goes on in the streets during these things.
mainstream media will NEVER get it right. glad yr out KB!

LiveWorkDream said...

It blows me away that these incidents aren't being covered in the media. We've got a fascist state out there and nobody seems to give a crap. Thank you for at least helping to get the word out. Sorry you had to take such abuse.