Sunday, October 19, 2008

Give me libraries or give me debt - In war time they take the libraries-!!

It seems like 90% of the folks we stay with bring up travel journals that remind them of our trip. John Steinbeck's 'Travels with Charlie' is among the more popular ones.<p>Never having read any of the road journals mentioned to us by our gracious hosts, and declining the offer to read, and/or hear, about said travel journals... You see, we really don't want to be influenced or deterred when completing our book of travel stories.<p> Funny thing is... we can't seem to get away from them... in Austin,Tx. we ran into the original Kerouac manuscript, and when staying near Monterey California's cannery row things were no different... Steinbeck this, Steinbeck that.<p> Then we remembered the libraries in his hometown of Salinas, Ca. were threatened with closure a while back... in general another thing we try and stay away from is stories that have been told... good thing for us this one is still unfolding.<p> Find out more here: And if you care, keep an eye on this.. it looks like the political vultures might pick the library's funds clean once again.<p> Libraries are most important in areas of the working class and undereducated... let those go and you will feel it in EVERY zipcode, not just the ones you use and abuse. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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skinnychef said...

great story! thanks for posting!

i feel so bad! i think i owe the library 10 bucks!!!