Sunday, October 12, 2008

NOmadjik Media Bus at the RNC: Evil is Real

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The saga of the NOmadjik Media Bus at the Republican National Convention played out among context that will sadden anyone who believes in freedom and democracy. The RNC in St. Paul was an exercise in intimidation, harassment and preemptive arrest of JOURNALISTS.

MORE about the CORPSES

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Cheryl said...

shit, wow, you have a lot of support & well prepared you caught the fuckers before you left regarding the gas/oil line being cut. I wonder if they did it while distracting you with hamburgers. I know someone filming in Washington, same shit, bad. Imagine with no lawyers around, even then. Well worth being up a night to edit this. Work well done by all & hope no one was permanently damaged, your constitution is. More underground here. Hard to believe bu$hco is still around and he and cheney have survived this themselves.

skinnychef said...

all one word, lowercase! ha! that's my name people. jeez why can't you remember my fake name?

check out the kpfa radio interviw made during the raid with skinnychef--