Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hurricane Ike: The Other Galveston

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As residents in the wealthy, transient, neighborhoods of Galveston bitch & moan about being devastated while going out and immediately reBuying their lives with their money & insurance proceeds the Other Galveston stands strong, supporting each other in their attempt to get back to their poverty level lives.

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Markus Sandy said...

Thanks so much for capturing this. I don't see this anywhere else. The M$M are not showing this. It's important to see the real conditions and hear the hopes of real people.


p.s. did you find your cat? i sure hope so. breaks my heart to think of him missing.

Roxanne said...

mutual aid / solidarity / anarchy



~ FluxRostrum said...

yes, Markus, Dharma came back after enough people called the Cops FOR ME to soften them to the idea of letting me stay their at night to wait for him. It took 4 hours of waiting after dark and he waltzed home.